War-Mart Interior

Every NPC the PCs have met on Felor.


Hansi Destrig, Owner of Destrig's Copper Courier and Pelt Trading.

Sir Tamriel, Owner of Tamriel's Fine Goods and Clothiers, a vastly expanding business.

Shopkeepers of War-Mart, quality items, at quality prices that everyone can afford.

Shatrin Qelkris, Owner of Qelkris Crimped Tips and More.

Quarion Crufis, Owner of Quarion's Quintessentil Smoke.

Fylareth Xanyth, Owner of Fylareth's Fine and Exquisite Spears


Zog, Goblin Grand Master Blacksmith.



Balturo Deganus, High King of Vateric.

Basheera Sulemar, Queen of Soleria.

Malen Sulemar, King of Soleria.

Zeki Sulemar, Grand Prince of Soleria.

Latif Sulemar, Prince of Soleria.

Jessenia Sulemar, Princess of Soleria.

Guild LeadersEdit

Zeki Sulemar, Leader of Reconditus Praedictum.

Guild MembersEdit

Larue, Sandur Hendur Operative

Gastol, Sandur Hendur Operative

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