Bara "Onna" Staoreyndir
Bara "Onna" Staoreyndir
Bara "Onna" Staoreyndir
Vital statistics
Position Knowledge Seeker
Age 31
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'8"
Weight 320

Knowledge is what is important, before any decision can be made you must know, "Just the Facts!"

Bara "Onna" Staoreyndir, the Partying Female Factotum ChangelingEdit

Your secrets are yours until you are dying, my secrets are mine for eternity, even Death could not kill me!

Adventurer's LogEdit

I do not trust any of these people anymore than they trust me, that is exactly how I like it to be, who needs friends.

Each and every one of them owes me their life, but I do not expect them to give theirs for me, I expect the knowledge they possess to be shared freely with me. I will share with them what I feel like sharing.

There is one among them I am beginning to feel close to, he is... clever, and deceitful, kind yet cruel. He values knowledge as I do. I dabble with men at times, but he may be too perfect to pursue, I would not wish to lose a, a friend... really, is he my friend? Damn these feelings and damn his good looks. Women are far more fair and typically less cunning than myself, I would say. Besides, being a female myself they are easier to understand and manipulate.

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